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Goulter's Kiwi Fruit Vinegar

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Goulter's Kiwi Fruit Vinegar is very golden in colour and has a lovely sweet & sour flavour to it. It is a lot more subtle than the apple cider vinegar. This means for the people who find apple cider vinegar far too strong you now have an alternative TONIC DRINK.

Take 2tsps in a warm glass of water daily. The health benefits are very similar to that of organic apple cider vinegar however the kiwi fruit has a higher level of potassium

It is also great for your digestive system and general well-being.

What is the "mother"?

The mother is the sludgy, cloudy looking substance which lies on the bottom of the bottle, it can over time start looking like a long string - this is the protein chain. You can often see floating bits in the bottle. Don't be alarmed as this is what you want to see because these bits are the wonderful enzymes and minerals which our bodies feed off once consumed. 
The presence of the mother is the most important part of the vinegar, the mother is made up of living nutrients. It is these living nutrients which are very beneficial to our health and aids our digestive system. Sometimes you  may not actually see the "mother" in the bottle however please know that each bottle has the "mother" in it. As the vinegar ages you will see the "mother" growing in the bottle.

Can I drink the "mother"?

Absolutely as the "mother" is the most nutritious part of the Kiwi Fruit Vinegar. We suggest shaking the bottle before using to ensure you get a bit more of the "mother' each time you take it. 

Pasteurized - what does this mean?

Pasteurization is the heating process which is done to try and eliminate any problem bacteria. However this process can also remove some of the nutritional value we want to retain. 

Natural organic vinegar like ours is not pasteurized or filtered. Pasteurization would kill the "mother" which is why we don't pasteurize our vinegars.


OTHER USES: Can be used in your cooking especially in pavlova's, drizzle over veggies and really delicious as a vinaigrette salad dressing

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