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Melrose Organic Unsulphured Molasses

Melrose Organic Unsulphured Molasses

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Most sweeteners are white because they’ve been stripped of all their natural goodness. Melrose Organic Molasses is dark in colour because it contains the concentrated goodness of sugar cane.

One tablespoon of Melrose Organic Molasses contains 20% of the daily recommended daily intake for calcium, 22.5% of the daily recommended daily intake for magnesium and almost 40% of the recommended daily intake for iron.

Blackstrap molasses is a thick dark syrup left after the extraction of sugar from sugar cane. The roots of the sugar cane run a long way into the soil, and have received a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements.

Molasses has a bitter-sweet flavour, and is a popular health food due to its high levels of iron, manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium.

Why is Melrose Organic Molasses a better choice?

Melrose Organic Molasses is made in the traditional way—with one important difference. The sugar cane and all the processing of the molasses are certified organic. This guarantees a fresh, delicious taste without any harmful additives, pesticides or herbicides. It is packed in glass bottles at Melrose’s own GMP certified manufacturing plant in Australia.

Melrose Organic Molasses is blackstrap molasses, which means it is the most concentrated form of molasses made from the final boiling of the sugar cane extract.

It’s also unsulphured, which means that no allergenic chemicals have been used in processing.

What are the benefits of Melrose Organic Molasses?

The most important benefit of molasses is its high mineral content.

Molasses as medicine cures**:
- Chronic fatigue syndrome
- Depression, anxiety, and related nervous disorders
- Chronic ailments, such as arthritis and rheumatism
- Tumours and fibroids
- Constipation
- Heart palpitations
- Anaemia
- Acne
Iron Deficiency
It is not only high in iron, it’s also easily absorbed. A few tablespoons of Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses a day can give a person all the iron they need. It’s also a great source of iron for vegetarians.
- Constipation
One tablespoon of Melrose Organic Blackstrap Molasses a day will relieve and prevent constipation.
There isn’t any scientific proof that blackstrap molasses cures or prevents fibroids. But just google blackstrap molasses and there are hundreds of people claiming to use this to treat or cure fibroids.
Regulate Menstrual Cycle
An added health benefit for many women is that Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses will regulate the menstrual cycle. No more extra long periods. No more extra heavy bleeding. Menstrual cycles alone are a great reason to take blackstrap molasses. The pain from cramping will disappear. Be sure to get Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses. The sulphured kind will cause extra bleeding.
Reversing Gray Hair
Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses as reported by many people can be used to treat gray hair. Using Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses to reverse gray hair is not a wake up the next day beautiful remedy.
Melrose Organic Unsulphured BlackStrap Molasses can be used to treat acne for some people.

How should I use Melrose Organic Molasses?

An easy way to improve your diet is to replace refined sugars with molasses. Melrose Molasses can be used in baking, as a delicious topping or as a recipe ingredient. It gives its rich taste to baked beans, Organic Worcestershire Sauce and gingerbread biscuits, and is also eaten straight off the spoon or dissolved in little hot water.


Nutritional Information Per 100 gm



1121 KJ


6.2 gm


0.1 gm


59.5 gm


45 gm


9 mg


570 mg


400 mg


11 mg


2100 mg


1 mg


0.3 mg




Molasses is sensitive to temperature and if ooze out of a bottle, please keep it for 10-15 minutes in a refrigerator.

- Store in a cool, dry and dark place away from sunlight.

- Reseal lid tightly.

** - Based on internet research, users should do their own research before buying this product.

-  This product is non-returnable. No return requests will be accepted for this product even if it leaks.

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